Slicing Bacon


Once you have cured your bacon and smoked it if you wish, you will need to slice it!

You can do this by hand with a good knife and a steady hand, but if you are going to be doing it regularly it might be worth investing in an electric slicer.

There are various models to suit all budgeIMG-20140505-WA0003ts and they can often be bought second hand. The one you see in the first picture is a small, domestic unit but more than suitable for relatively small amounts. In picture two, you can see a medium sized ‘commercial’ slicer, the like of which you would find in a deli shop.



If you find yourself making larger amounts of bacon, ham, other cured meats or using it for slicing the leftovers from Sunday Lunch you might need to consider a ‘better’ model. Look out for them on Ebay and other auction sites.